What are the CrossFit Games?

“In implementation, this looks like sport. This is revolutionary. It's as distinctive of the program as are the movements and the charter of functionality and variance. Our workouts are competitive events.

The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our dominance of other athletes. This is a truth divined through competition, not debate.”

Greg Glassman, CrossFit Co-Founder & CEO
3, 2, 1 — GO!

The Games are over and the results are in!

The Top Female CrossFitter for 2008 is Caity Matter of Gahanna, OH, where she trains with Rogue Fitness. Tanya Wagner took second place and Gillian Mounsey took third.

The Top Male CrossFitter for 2008 is Jason Khalipa of CrossFit Unlimited in Milpitas, CA. Josh Everett came in second, with Jeremy Thiel in third.

The Affiliate Cup was won by the team from CrossFit Oakland.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the volunteers, spectators, and competitors for a great weekend!

Athlete Profile: Omar "Bionic" Torres

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Bionic Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Weight: 165lbs
Age: 30
Home gym: CrossFit Hardcore


Fran 2:44
Linda 20:05
Helen 8:08
Cindy 28 rds
Grace 3:47
Mary 13 rds
CFT 946 in lbs/430 in kilos
FGB 351
Deadlift 418lbs/190kg
Backsquat 352lbs/160kg
Shoulder Press 176lbs/80kg

My Thoughts on the Games:

The Games, well all I can say is I will be giving it my all. I've only been CrossFitting for just under a year now, so I know I'm not yet at my best.

Still, I will go in to win because that's who I am. The thought of winning overrides any intimidation I feel knowing all the amazing athletes who are going to compete. But I'm not going to lie, I will be one scared, nervous wreck. Honestly, I just want to compete with the best, and meet all the great people you see and hear about on the site.


I'm really not doing anything in specific to train for the games other than CrossFit. Although I did compete in the SE CrossFit Challenge to get an idea of what is coming. I placed 2nd on the CFT in the lightweight division and 4th Overall CrossFitter. Boy what an eyeopener that was. Lots of fun and strong competitors. And to know that there will be double at he Games just makes it more intimidating. So I'm just going to keep doing what I have been and see how it works out for me in the Games. And of course give it my all and hope for the best.


No special diet for me. I just watch what I eat here and there, but that's it. I don't think I could do that Zone stuff. It looks like a WOD in itself, meaning a lot of work...More power to those that do it.


BWAHAHA!! These guys could eat bacon wrapped french fries with a side of butter fried in lard and wash it down with a pancake milkshake and still be kickin' my arse no matter how much spring water, free range chicken and organic broccoli I eat . . .

This is gonna be fun to watch.

By TexasPatrick on June 16, 2008 7:34 AM

Bionic- I know we always joke about how you should be doing all the wods on one leg or with one arm so someone can beat you, but you know we mean that with love. You are awesome and you WILL come home with a medal, I am sure of it. Best of luck to you Omar, and knock them off their feet!!!!!

By Diabla on June 16, 2008 5:15 PM

Bionic- I know we are always joking about how you should be doing the wods on one leg or with one arm so that someone can beat you! But we say that with love because we know you are awesome in all that you do. Best of luck to you at the games!!! And if this message shows up twice, well that is double the luck!!!

By Diabla on June 16, 2008 5:18 PM

I hope those piercings don't get in the way at the games.

By Alfie on June 16, 2008 6:18 PM

You are the BEST!! I can't wait to be with the whole Hardcore Crew cheering you on!

To Alfie: Trust me, they won't!

By Shannon on June 16, 2008 8:22 PM

Bionic you are the one that I always try to catch (didn't get you yet!!), thanks for inspire me, I'm sure you'll do amazing, I look forward to see you competing against the best of the best.....

By Adriana on June 17, 2008 5:16 AM

Hey Bionic if you want to train for this then let's get on the ball man. You can train with me and try to keep up but; "Until you can take the pebble from my hand then it will be time for you to go." Kung Fu

By Invisible on June 17, 2008 5:41 PM

Oh Yea, Go kick some butt and do it for the little people.

By Invisible on June 17, 2008 5:42 PM

Bionic,Good luck at the games ! You are so strong and I have the confidence in you that you will be coming home a very proud man! BEST OF LUCK !

By LOCA on July 3, 2008 7:09 AM

lets go cfhardcore! you are going to represent us amazingly. i am so proud to be your teammate!
you got bro!

By pnut on July 3, 2008 9:12 PM