What are the CrossFit Games?

“In implementation, this looks like sport. This is revolutionary. It's as distinctive of the program as are the movements and the charter of functionality and variance. Our workouts are competitive events.

The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our dominance of other athletes. This is a truth divined through competition, not debate.”

Greg Glassman, CrossFit Co-Founder & CEO
3, 2, 1 — GO!

The Games are over and the results are in!

The Top Female CrossFitter for 2008 is Caity Matter of Gahanna, OH, where she trains with Rogue Fitness. Tanya Wagner took second place and Gillian Mounsey took third.

The Top Male CrossFitter for 2008 is Jason Khalipa of CrossFit Unlimited in Milpitas, CA. Josh Everett came in second, with Jeremy Thiel in third.

The Affiliate Cup was won by the team from CrossFit Oakland.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the volunteers, spectators, and competitors for a great weekend!


72 Entries

Bionic vs. Omaha Ricky

BionicPinkBike_th.jpgEnlarge image

After his stellar 2:08 Fran, Bionic from CrossFit Hardcore has been cross training hard (he switched bikes for the picture).

Meanwhile, Omaha Ricky from CrossFit Omaha cranks out 100 burpees in 4:45 (he does 70 straight). It's hard to tell who's getting the greater benefit.

100 burpees video [wmv] [mov]

On the affiliate competition front, rumor has it that CrossFit Oakland is training hard to retain their status as top affiliate. Remember, the 09 Games will have a very different affiliate competition. There will be group workouts instead of accumulating the top performances of various athletes. Can you spell teamwork?

Bionic Hits it Hard

Games08BionicCJ_th.jpgEnlarge image

Bionic (Omar Torres) from CrossFit Hardcore in Boca Raton, FL finished 11th overall in this year's Games. He's been training hard, and just set a big PR in Fran at 2:08 (28 seconds off his previous PR). His buddy happened to film it with his phone, so we get to watch a tiny Bionic getting some.

We've all seen so many Fran vids, why another? Because they're fun, that's why. And this may be the most legit sub 2:10 Fran vid I've seen. No ball and full ROM.

Postage-stamp size phone video ... [wmv] [mov]

2min 41sec

CrossFit Journal Features

Games08TheWorldsFittest-th.jpgEnlarge image

In case you've missed them, the CrossFit Journal has several feature articles on Games competitors:

An Interview with Jason Khalipa: Part 1 and Part 2
Tanya Wagner is a Beast: Part 1 and Part 2
Coach Burgener Instructs Gillian Mounsey
My 2008 Games Experience by Kallista Pappas

And several have been featured on CrossFit Radio:

Josh Everett
Tanya Wagner
Caity Matter
Jolie Gentry
Jason Khalipa

CrossFit Movie Outtake - Caity Matter Part 3

CaityFranAnnArborCert_th.jpgEnlarge image

Caity Matter during Fran at her CrossFit Level 1 cert on April 13, 2008.

Here is the final part of the CrossFit Movie Outtake with Caity Matter, 2008 Games overall champion.

Caity talks about how CrossFit fills the hole that was created when she stopped playing pro basketball, and how her training with Bill Henniger from Rogue Fitness desensitized her from pain. There's also a guest appearance by Jason Khalipa.

Video ... [wmv] [mov] 2min 7sec

Jeff Tincher Post Thruster-Pullups Interview

Games08TincherClean_th.jpgEnlarge image

Jeff Tincher, a relative old man at the Games, surprised many by winning the 10:20 heat of Thrusters and Pull-ups with a time of 3:33, beating OPT by 18sec, Khalipa by 22sec, and Bionic by 42sec.

Tony Budding and Carey Peterson catch up with Jeff right after for a quick interview.

CrossFit Movie Outtake ... [wmv] [mov]

2min 5sec

Saturday Morning OPT Interview

Mens1020DLBurpeeOPT_th.jpgEnlarge image

In a CrossFit Movie Outtake, Sevan interviews James Fitzgerald (OPT) on Saturday morning (July 5, 2008) before the events launched. He talks about being responsible for his performance: Only he can determine how well he does.

And, at the same time, he speculates at how happy Josh Everett must be to have all three events in the 3min time domain, his strongest arena.

CrossFit Movie Outtake ... [wmv] [mov]

1min 21sec

Welbourn on Lululemon Part 2

Games08AerialSiteWithRun_th.jpgEnlarge image

This is an aerial photo of the 2008 Games, taken on Sunday morning, during the early heats of the clean & jerk workout. The run course looks flatter and easier from this angle.

In a CrossFit Movie outtake, Sevan continues his fascination with John Welbourn's clothing tastes... [wmv] [mov]

CrossFit Movie Outtake - Caity Matter Part 2

Games08CaityPreStart_th.jpgEnlarge image

Here is the second part of the CrossFit Movie Outtake with Caity Matter, 2008 Games overall champion.

Caity talks about her love of training and competition, and how the clean is her best event (rumor has it that she has a 4:30 Man-Grace).

Video ... [wmv] [mov] 1min 30sec

CrossFit Movie Outtake - Justin Riley

Games08JustinRileyCJ_th.jpgEnlarge image

Justin Riley, co-owner of CrossFit East Sacramento, competed in the Games this year (44th overall). Co-owner Travis Cassidy finished 28th. In this CrossFit Movie Outtake, Justin talks about his experience at the Games, how he started CrossFit, and his hopes (now realized) to open an affiliate.

Video ... [wmv] [mov]
5min 4sec

CrossFit Movie Outtake - Caity Matter

Games08WomensAwards_th.jpgEnlarge image

Caity Matter's name has been mis-spelled and mis-pronounced too many times. Presenting the 2008 CrossFit Games winner. Former WNBA player, Caity dominated Sunday's 100lb clean and jerk workout. She finished in 3:30, a full 44sec faster than 2nd place Tamara Holmes (who finished fourth overall).

Caity, 25, is highly competitive by nature, and has found that CrossFit workouts are a decent outlet for that since she left pro hoops.

Outtake video [wmv] [mov]

CrossFit Movie Outtake - Dutch's Timing Bungle

Games08DutchThruster1_th.jpgEnlarge image

Dutch flew through the Thruster/Pull-up workout. When he finished his final pull-up, his judge hit the stopwatch. When he checked the watch, the time wasn't there. Something had gone wrong. With over a dozen athletes competing, each judge had to be the timer also, and there was no way a single master time could be kept. What to do?

Fortunately, the Sevan the Great had selected Dutch as one of the athletes featured in the CrossFit Movie, so Dutch's entire workout was filmed. Sevan gave the tape to Tony Budding, who watched it in private. The tape is accurate to 1/24th of a second, and Dutch ended up tying for 3rd place with a time of 3:30.

CrossFit Movie Outtake Video ... [wmv] [mov] 2min 9sec

CrossFit Movie Outtake - Murski on the Pull-ups

MurskiGames_th.jpgEnlarge image

Matt Murski had one of the fastest rounds of 21 in the Thruster/Pull-up workout all day (if not the fastest). He was back to thrusters at 1:03. He started to slow in the round of 15 (1:42), and struggled in the final round of 9, which took 2:22 to complete. His total time was 5:07 (over a dozen competitors finished sub 4min). He talks about his experience in this CrossFit Movie Outtake...[wmv] [mov]

1min 51sec (Note: this is the G-rated version for our sensitive viewers)

Omaha Ricky Trains for 09

RickyGames08Finals_th.jpgEnlarge image

Ricky Frausto from CrossFit Omaha finished 6th in this year's Games. He was 2nd going into Sunday's final event, the 30 clean and jerks at 155lbs. He was 59sec behind Chris Spealler and 3sec ahead of Josh Everett. He was 53sec ahead of Jeremy Thiel, who was in 11th (yes, the difference between first and second was greater than the difference between 2nd and 11th!).

Ricky tops the scales at 150lbs, so the final workout was with a barbell greater than his bodyweight. He finished in 5:52, which is blazing fast by nearly any standard. Jason Khalipa, though, finished it in 2:46. Max Mormont, Jeremy Thiel, Connor Banks, and Josh Everett all finished sub 4:20.

What will the 09 Games require? Who knows? But all the top times in the 08 Finals were achieved using the squat-clean-thruster. In this video, Ricky does 15 reps at 200lbs for time. [wmv] [mov]

2min 49sec

CF Movie Outtake - Josh Everett on the Run

Games08CareyJosh_th.jpgView image

Josh Everett finished third in the 07 Games and second in the 08 Games. His 08 run performance was epic. He was by far the fastest person through the first loop. He was at least 50m ahead of the nearest competitor in his heat entering the second loop. Then he crashed and burned. He had gone too fast. He started walking, and even had to stop briefly going up the second loop. He was caught and passed by Lucas Brainerd. Still, he finished in 3:44, just 24sec off Eric O'Connor's event winning time of 3:20.

Here he is before the Games talking about preparing for that run. [wmv] [mov]

Welbourn on the NFL

Games08PukieTheClown_th.jpgEnlarge image

Pukie the Clown stirring some up at the 2008 CrossFit Games.

Here, in a CrossFit Movie Outtake, John Welbourn talks about his experiences in the NFL, and how they relate to CrossFit, including what is was like to play in the hottest game in NFL history.

Video 2min 15sec ... [wmv] [mov]

Jeff Tincher on his 08 Games Experience

TincherGames08JerkOH_th.jpgEnlarge image

Jeff Tincher finished 5th overall at the age of 39. He's a full time Fairfax County firefighter, one of the managers of CrossFit Fairfax, one of the traveling trainers for the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminars, and a father. What were you saying about not having time to train for the Games?

This video is an interview with Jeff after the Level 1 cert in Virginia Beach on August 10, 2008.
[wmv] [mov] 4min 23sec

Gillian Mounsey - 2 Months Later

Enlarge image

Gillian Mounsey from NYC took third overall in this year's Games. In an interview after the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar in Virginia Beach, Gillian talks about her experience at the Games, what she did to prepare, and what's different going toward next year. 3min 4sec
[wmv] [mov]

Welbourn on Lululemon

Enlarge image

At 6'5", 310lbs, John Welbourn is extremely large for a CrossFitter.

He competed in this year's Games, finishing 96th overall, completing all four workouts as Rx'd (think about that hill run and doing 45 pull-ups to the chest at 310lbs!).

Here, in a CrossFit Movie Outtake, John, Sevan, and Brian MacKenzie discuss the relative merits of Lululemon clothing for men... [wmv] [mov]

More Omaha - More Libby

Enlarge image

Here's another take on Libby Dibiase from CrossFit Omaha. Libby won the Deadlift-Burpee workout, and came in 6th overall. At just 20 years old, she's got lots of time to attack her weak links. Expect to see a lot of Libby over the next few years!

Libby Dibiase video ... [wmv] [mov]

Kallista Pappas Post-Games Interview

Enlarge image

Kallista wowed the CrossFit community with her unbelievable performance in the finals of the 2008 Games. She did the 30 Clean and Jerks at the prescribed weight (100lbs), which was her body weight, and up until a few months before the Games, her PR. To top matters off, she fell on rep 22 (caught amazingly by the aerial photographer), and the bar fell on her leg. She got up and finished. Oh, and she was 14 at the time. Check out her full story in the CrossFit Journal.

This interview is with Kallista on September 6, 2008 after a workout at CrossFit One World. Video .... [wmv] [mov]

Where is Omaha?


Enlarge image

CrossFit Omaha produced two top 10 finishers in the 08 Games. Both Ricky Frausto and Libby Dibiase finished #6 in their divisions. Here's a little of Ricky's story.

Omaha Ricky Video ... [wmv] [mov]

Bionic Pre-Run Interview

Games08MensRunHeat_th.jpgView image

The video is an interview with Bionic right before his run.

The picture was taken about 15s into the race, running up the first hill. Ricky Frausto is in the lead, with Jason Khalipa and Mike Giardina right behind. Bionic is in the red shorts and white sunglasses, right behind Dutch and Jeff Tincher. Speal is just to our left of Tincher wearing the big headphones. OPT (white hat) is right behind Brendan (mohawk), and right next to Geoff Aucoin (black hat). Pat Barber is in the back.

In this race, though, starting order was very different from finishing order. The athletes finished the heat like this:

Speal 3:22
OPT 3:34
Jeff Fleming 3:46
Ricky Frausto 3:47
Pat Barber 3:48
Jeff Tincher 3:55
Jason Khalipa 3:58
Dutch 4:04
Geoff Aucoin 4:05
Bionic 4:12
Brendan 4:20
Nick Hawkes 4:21
Mike G 4:34
Eric Jones 4:45

Bionic Pre-Run Interview ...[wmv][mov]

CrossFit Hardcore At the 08 Games

View image

CrossFit Hardcore of Boca Raton, FL sent a few folks to the Games:
Adriana Grassi
Omar Torres (Bionic)
Lance Mosely

They made a highlight video of their experience.

The picture is of the 3 of them with another Floridian (Jenni Orr). We're not sure what they're doing here, so maybe some other native Floridians can offer some ideas.

CrossFit Hardcore Video Highlights ...[wmv][mov]

Von Ware-Kallista Pappas Interview

Games08KallistaTanya-th.jpgView image

Here's another good-lookin' video from Von Ware, this time talking to rising CrossFit monster Kallista Pappas. Kallista is 14, a veteran of both CrossFit Games events, a gymnast, and a budding beast on the CrossFit horizon.

Von Ware/Kallista Pappas ...[wmv][mov]

Von Ware Video Interview: Jason Khalipa

Games08KhalipaVictory_th.jpgView image

Here's another beautifully produced video from Von Ware, who's done some great videos for the Games (another one of his montages was recently featured on the main page). By the way, Von is QUITE the athlete himself. If you've never taken the opportunity to Google him up, give it a shot!

Von Ware/Jason Khalipa Interview ...[wmv][mov]

The Affiliate Cup Team

View image

Tom Campitelli from CrossFit Oakland put together this slideshow of his pictures of the Oakland crew from this year's Games. Oakland won the affiliate cup over several great teams, after months of dedicated preparation.

They brought the right mix of athletes and skills for this year...but who knows about next year?

Thanks to Mike Minium of CrossFit Oakland for this detailed list of not only who, but when they appear, in the slideshow.

It's fantastic to be able to put a name with a sweaty face!

0:05 Mike Minium 1:30 Lance Velasquez
0:07 Connie Moreno 1:32 Journey Meadows
0:10 Brandon Banks 1:36 Candace Hamilton
0:14 Candace Hamilton| 1:39 Mike Minium
0:17 Nabil Langkilde 1:42 Mike Minium
0:20 Laura Blair 1:46 Sierra Carter
0:23 Patrick McMahon| 1:49 Connor Banks
0:27 Tamara Holmes 1:52 Laura Blair
0:30 Daniel Hester 1:56 Audra Dunning
0:33 Loren Goodwin 1:58 Daniel Hester
0:37 Nabil Langkilde 2:02 Candace Hamilton
0:40 Nicole Okumu 2:05 Tamara Holmes
(team captain in black tee, 2:08 Audra Dunning
did not participate, though) 2:12 Brandon Banks
0:43 Tom Campitelli 2:15 Tamara Holmes
0:46 Brandon Banks 2:18 Daniel Hester
0:50 Tamara Holmes 2:22 Candace Hamilton
0:53 Nabil Langkilde 2:25 Patrick McMahon
0:57 Audra Dunning 2:28 Connie Moreno
0:59 Connor Banks 2:31 Brandon Banks
1:03 Connie Moreno 2:34 Loren Goodwin
1:06 Daniel Hester 2:38 Tamara Holmes
1:09 Connor Banks 2:41 Brandon Banks and Nabil Langkilde
1:12 Tamara Holmes 2:44 Loren Goodwin
1:16 Tom Campitelli 2:48 Candace Hamilton
1:20 Lance Velasquez| 2:51 Patrick McMahon and Mike Minium
1:23 Sierra Carter
1:26 Audra Dunning

CF Oakland Slide Show ...[wmv][mov]

Run, Caity, Run!


View image

Here's another great video from yesterday's enthusiastic, if slightly unsteady, videographer. The heart and enthusiasm he (and the other Games spectators) displays is wonderful. I'm afraid Bingo may have lost the "top spectator" title here. These videos are a great addition to our catalog of Games content, and they also really make you appreciate the efforts of Tony B and his team.

Caity finished the run in 11th overall for the women - pretty amazing.

Caity's Run ...[wmv][mov]

Caity's Last Reps

Games08CaityCJ_th.jpgView image

There are a couple of things to learn from this video:

First, Caity Matter, who works out and is a trainer at Rogue Fitness, pushed HARD on the final reps of the final workout of the Games. No doubt that this girl is an outstanding athlete.

Second, it's hard to hold the video camera steady while screaming your lungs out for your favorite competitor!

Caity's Final Reps ...[wmv][mov]

No Rest for the Victorious

Games08JamieV_th.jpgView image

"Behind every great man is a great woman." The awesome Jamie V., soon to be Mrs. Tony Budding, is the source for many of the great photos we get to enjoy on the CrossFit site.

In the video, we get to see Jason Khalipa knock out a blistering 500M on the C2 rower. Not a PR, but then, it was his third workout of the day.

Seems like he's taking keeping his title seriously!

Khalipa Rows ...[wmv][mov]

What I Did On My Summer Vacation


View image

Here's a great video sent in by Josh and Tanya Wagner of CrossFit Apex in Harleysville PA. It chronicles their games experience from start to finish. You will see blood, sweat, and smiles, but no tears, in this one.

CrossFit Apex Goes to the Games. ...[wmv][mov]

OPT Final Event Interview, Part 2

View image

Last night's interview continues....

OPT Final Event Interview Part II ...[wmv][mov]

OPT Final Event Interview, Part 1

View image

In this interview, James Fitzgerald ("OPT") talks about the final event of the games. Interesting to hear the pre-event perspective, now that we know how it came out. Tune back in for parts 2 and 3 coming up.

OPT Final WOD Interview, Part I ...[wmv][mov]

Post-Games Recovery

View image

Chris Spealler, Dutch Lowy, Pat Barber, and Adrian Bozman at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on Monday after the Games.

Kallista Pappas Pre-Games Interview

Games08KallistaThruster_th.jpgView image

Here's your chance to hear from the sentimental star of the Games, Kallista Pappas. You can check out her inspirational performance on the final event on the July 8th main site WOD post.

Kallista Interview ...[wmv][mov]

Dutch on the Games and Kipping Pullups

Dutch08PullupStds1_th.jpgView image

Here's a great interview with Dutch Lowy, definitely a front-runner for the Games this year. He talks with Tony B about the standards, the events, and shows us that yes, (if you're a beast) you can do the "butterfly kip" to the Games standard. Give it a look!

Dutch Does Butterflies. ...[wmv][mov]

High Altitude Training

FrontRangeWorkout_th.jpgView image

The crew from CrossFit Front Range, including Mike Pistono, Cori Gobel, Sean Roeper, Jodi Miller, and Matt Griffin, are training hard for the Games. After their oxygen-deprived atmosphere, the Games events should be a piece of cake! (Or not...)

Front Range Workout...[wmv][mov]

Hot! Undercover Training Scoop!


This just in: Diligent spying, creative snooping, and the opportunity of a lifetime for our reporter on the scene allows us to bring you this unbelievable photographic evidence of how two top Games contenders, "Dutch" Lowy and "Speal" Spealler, are REALLY preparing for the games.

WODs? Ha. Wood-tossing? Nope. Incredible bodyweight workouts, Olympic lifts, and the Zone diet? Hardly!

Come on out and see how the latest in high-tech machine training prepares these athletes to smash the competition!

Sevan Interviews Josh Everett

SevanEverett_th.jpgView image

Josh Everett and Sevan ...[wmv][mov]

So now, we begin to see the REAL nature of athletes, pushed to the edge by pre-competiton jitters (and Sevan) coming to light. The veneer starts to crack...

Athlete Profile: Kallista Pappas

AthleteProfileKallista_th.jpgView image

Kallista Does Fran...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 103
Age: 14

Fran : 4:33 55#
Cindy: 19 rounds
Grace: 7:35 95#
Linda: 32:20 (bench 85#)

Back Squat 145
Shoulder Press 72
Overhead Squat 3x95
Deadlift 209

I am so excited to get out there and Get Some! During my three years of CrossFitting I haven't experienced anything as exciting and inspiring as the CrossFit community, especially last year at the Games. I just want to be there again, have fun, and give it my all.

I am as prepared as my full time gymnastics has allowed. Though I am fitter than I have ever been, I have so much room for improvement! Going to the CrossFit Northwest Championships and coming in 2nd in the 36 and younger division really fired my up for the Games. I can't wait to be there and watch all the beasts perform. I know the field is going to be different this year, but I'll still be bringing it on.

See you there!

He's At It Again: Sevan Interviews Dutch

GamesDutchHandstand_th.jpgView image

Sevan Interviews Dutch ...[wmv][mov]

More to Fear: Max Mormont

Sevan is going to get a reputation if he keeps getting picked up by big, strong, guys...

In case the roster of athletes wasn't scary enough, just add Max Mormont from Buena Park, CA. If you'd like to see what else Max is up to, just hop on over to MaxFit.

Max Mormont and Sevan ...[wmv][mov]

Picture 1.png

Athlete Profile: Jeff Tincher

AthleteProfileJeffTincher_th.jpgView image

Jeff Tincher profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 178 lbs.
Age: 39
Home Gym: Crossfit Fairfax
Profession: Firefighter - and I absolutely love the job - otherwise I would be a CrossFit Trainer full time

Fran: 2:38
Jackie: 6:27
FGB: 403
Total: 1030
5K run: 21:20
Linda: 20:02

My thoughts: Being around fellow CrossFitters is always a good time. Ever since I went to my first cert 3 years ago, I have been blown away by the community that CrossFit has created. We have developed the same type of community at our gym. Firefighters are widely known for having a strong brotherhood, but it doesn't compare to the CrossFit community.

As far as the competition, I can't wait to watch the show. There are going to be some amazing athletes and performances. The only thing I have done differently to prepare for the CF Games is stick to the Diet more. I am at 16 blocks a day now. I have been doing CrossFit for 3.5 years, and I have practiced 'My Bitch' (whatever it may be - there have been so many) after WOD's ever since I have been CrossFitting. I will be one of the few who don't follow the main site WOD. I do the same workouts that I write for CF Fairfax. I am excited to see how we do in the Affiliate Competition. Like Coach says "The magic is in the movements, the art is in the programming, and the science is in the explanation."

Athlete Profile: Gillian Mounsey

Gillian_th.jpgView image

Gillian Mounsey ...[wmv][mov]

Age: 30
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 136
Home town:
Queens, NYC
Affiliate: Black Box CrossFit NYC

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Sports History: gymnastics for 20 years, track and field (800m, 100 & 400m hurdles, discus), physical fitness competition, push-up world record holder, distance running, ballroom dance, mixed martial arts.

Fran 3:00
Diane 4:37 (w 185lb DL), 3:37 (w 155lb DL)
Cindy 26 rounds
Mary 11 rounds
Linda 19:11
Grace 3:14
Squat 235
Deadlift 285
Press 120

I have been CrossFitting now for three months with the Black Box. I have been competing in sport since the age of 2 when I started gymnastics.

Continue Reading »

Athlete Profile: Connor Martin

Games07ConnorDavidPullups_th.jpgView image

Connor & David Martin at the 07 Games ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5-11
Weight: 150
Age: 16

Helen: 8:19 (460m run)
Fran : 3:53
Cindy: 39 rounds
Angie: 13:09
Murph: 31:43 (1.2 Mile run)
30 muscle ups 4:43

Back Squat 305
Shoulder Press 150
Overhead Squat 150 x 15

I've been going to CrossFit events since I was 12 years old. The games are a chance to see a lot of people I've gotten to know over the years. Last year I was excited to compete in the games, but a little intimidated. Then the hopper event was announced and I found out I would be pressing more than my bodyweight. It was a hard couple of days, but I learned a lot.

I have been thinking about the games since they ended last year. Since wrestling season ended I have been training really hard. I've been working on my weaknesses and began a heavy lifting program. I have gotten a double bodyweight deadlift, back squat and a bodyweight shoulder press. Last year I had a hard time dealing with the weight in the hopper event, but I've been training heavier the past few months, so if heavy push jerks or presses come out of the hopper I think I will be able to deal with it.

The competition is obviously heating up this year you never know what monster might come out of the woods, all I can do is push myself in my daily workouts and hope for the best. If something body weight comes out of the hopper then I think I'll do well but if something with heavy lifting comes out I'll do my best and see what happens. I'm glad that I get the opportunity to compete among athletes of this caliber and hope to have a good showing. Either way I'm still young so I'll get to keep coming back for years. See you guys there !!!!

Athlete Profile: Anthony Bainbridge

TorontoBNN2_th.jpgView image

Anthony Bainbridge Profile...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'7
Weight: 170
Age: 29
CrossFit Fredericton


30 Muscleups: 3:14
Angie: 13:41
Cindy: 33 rounds
Diane: 3:21
Elizabeth: 4:31
FGB: 404 (3 rounds) / 585 (5 rounds)
Fran: 2:47
Grace: 2:13
Murph: 33:43

Squat: 405
Press: 205
Deadlift: 565
Power Clean: 235
500m Row: 1:26.2

Thoughts on the Games: Everyone knows what happened last year, but with CrossFit's infamous "variety" principle it is obvious that things could change. I've heard a ton of rumors but it honestly doesn't matter. You could tell me the exact events and I would still use the WOD to prepare. But if there is another random hopper event, I'd be hoping for something like 21-15-9 of 405 pound deadlifts and muscleups. Can you pass that on to Coach for me?

The competition itself is going to be insane! The big dogs are coming out for this one and it's almost tempting to just sit back and watch them demolish the events. I won't see any of it since I'll be gasping for air and wiping sweat out of my eyes for 2 days, so hopefully Tony B gets some great video of everyone kicking ass.

Diet: I'm on a steady stream of Big Macs and Pepsi. I figure I'll self-sabotage so that if I don't perform well I can blame it on my diet. Seriously though, I'm Zoning on 18 blocks with 4x fat - practically no sugar or starch.

Mental: I'm in a really good spot right now. I took a break from fighting so I have no injuries, diet is dialed in, sleep patterns are solid, and my benchmark workouts have been improving at a steady rate. I know I'll come in well rounded and at my best - so whatever happens on the scorecard is irrelevant.

Countdown is on!

CrossFit Central Team Profile


You know they say everything is bigger in Texas...maybe there's something to that. Austin's CrossFit Central is bringing a BIG team to the Games. And they've been doing BIG preparation, with challenges and other events leading up to the Games.

Check out some of their athletes in this PDF!

You can also check out their interviews over on YouTube:

Affiliate Cup Contender: Front Range CrossFit

FrontRangeDiscussion_th.jpgView image

Front Range CrossFit Discussion ...[wmv][mov]

Front Range CrossFit is sending 15 (!) athletes to the Games this year. Here's a discussion with Skip and Jodi Miller (the owners) and several of their athletes. With the numbers, attitude, and training background this team brings to the event, they look to be SERIOUS contenders for the team title.

Athlete Profile: Ian Carver

AthleteProfileIanCarver_th.jpgView image

Ian Carver Profile...[wmv][mov]

Occupation: Deputy Sheriff / K9 Handler - Sacramento Sheriff's Dept.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 Lbs
Age: 34
Years CF'ng: 3

Fran: 2:43
Helen: 7:46
Karen: 5:01
Cindy: 29 Rounds
5k Run: 19:49
10k Run: 46:52
Squat: 315 Lbs
D/L: 355 Lbs
C & J: 100 Kilo (220 Lbs)
Snatch: 175 Lbs

Thoughts on the Games

The unexpected is what I am looking forward to, hence the beauty of CrossFit. I don't consider myself one of the "CF Immortals," but I feel I can be relatively competitive amongst the field of athletes.

Continue Reading »

Matt Murski Has a LOT of Distractions...


As you'll see from our man-on-the-scene Sevan's interview with Matt, he's got a lot going on. Training for the Games (watch for the inside scoop on one of the events -EXCLUSIVE!!!), getting his affiliate off the ground, and, well, Laurah.


Athlete Profile: Lauren Pryor

AthleteProfileLaurenPryor_th.jpgView image

Sevan Interviews Lauren ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'9
Weight: 145
Age: 26

Fran 65lbs - 4:49
Fran 95lbs- 8:00
Michael- 16:26
Cindy - 19 rds
Nancy: 15:45
Kelly: 21:30 (with 12lbs ball)
Annie: 6:20

5K Run: 22:30
500m row: 1:46
Deadlift: 300
Back Squat: 235
Press: 105

I am totally excited to participate in my first CF Games this year. I feel so privileged to compete against some amazing female athletes, as well as watch the whole competition unfold. I am viewing this competition as an opportunity to push my limits, physically and mentally, to a new max. Like executing the WODs, this will set myself a new standard to work with for the challenges to come.

I have been involved with track and field for 14 years, and when I 'retired' after university I started to dabble in CF. I followed the info on the site and completed the WODs that I was able to do confidently. In the fall of '07 I really started to focus on CF, this meant completing all the daily WODs and focusing more on improving my weaknesses. By following the WODs I have seen great improvements in all aspects of my own fitness as well as witnessed huge developments in others.

Like each workout my daily nutrition is different. I fuel myself depending on the workouts and how my body is feeling. I eat as clean as possible and make the best choices that my situation will allow.

I am so excited to participate with the CF Calgary team, as well as meet others from the CF community. Everyone's support and motivation is amazing and I believe these games will bring all that to a new level.

Let the games begin!!!

Athlete Profile: Omar "Bionic" Torres

View image

Bionic Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Weight: 165lbs
Age: 30
Home gym: CrossFit Hardcore


Fran 2:44
Linda 20:05
Helen 8:08
Cindy 28 rds
Grace 3:47
Mary 13 rds
CFT 946 in lbs/430 in kilos
FGB 351
Deadlift 418lbs/190kg
Backsquat 352lbs/160kg
Shoulder Press 176lbs/80kg

My Thoughts on the Games:

The Games, well all I can say is I will be giving it my all. I've only been CrossFitting for just under a year now, so I know I'm not yet at my best.

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Athlete Profile: Jenni "Jelli" Orr


View image

Jelli Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Age 28
Height 5'5"
Weight 121 lbs
BGI Fitness Jupiter
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Fran: 4:23
Jason 33:59 I thought that was good : )
Nancy 17:27 95#
Helen 9:28
Eva 1:03:00 As RX with bloody hands
Uneven Grace 4:02

Back Squat 235lbs
OH Squat 125lbsx16
Shoulder Press 85lbs
Deadlift 242lbs

Thoughts on the Games:
I started CrossFitting about 1 1/2 years ago.

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OPT: (Not) Just Another Pretty Face


View image

In case OPT doesn't garner adequate fame and fortune at the Games this year, looks like he's got himself a fallback plan.

Look for him on billboards near you....

OPT: Fashion Model ...[wmv][mov]

Athlete Profile: Pat Barber

AthleteProfilePatBarber_th.jpgView image

Pat Barber Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160lbs
Age: 22

Fran 2:20
Helen 7:39
Fight gone bad 411
Diane 3:01
Christine 8:22
Press 155
Jerk 265
Snatch 170
Clean And Jerk 245

Pat's thoughts on the Games
I'm a little nervous, of course, but I'm pretty comfortable competing. I played D1 volleyball in college, and still play a few hours of beach volleyball most days. I have nothing to lose, years of Games ahead of me, and I'm stoked to go head to head with the greatest athletes in CrossFit. Plus, Freddy is bringing his RV!

Being consistent is my biggest challenge, so I'm really trying to hit it hard week after week. I've recently dialed in the Zone tightly, and it seems to be working. I failed to break 3min in Fran forever, then just hit 2:20 and felt like I had even more to give.

I know the Canadians will bring a strong crew. There's also a cadre of East Coast CrossFit trainers that are supposedly coming out. They talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they don't have what it takes to hang in Cali.

Athlete Profile: Adriana Grassi


View image

Adriana on Youtube ...

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 131
Age: 38

Fran 4:42
Helen 9:24
Filthy 50: 23:57
Deadlift 231lbs
Press 95lbs
Squat 200lbs

Southeast CrossFit Challenge
Women's Hopper: 1st Place
CFT-middleweight: 1st Place
Overall Female CrossFitter: 3rd Place

Wow, watching all of those videos of so many amazing women, really sets the tone for the Games. I have to be honest I'm very nervous and this will be my first time going to the games. I started CrossFit back in October 2007, I used to compete in fitness competitions, but this is a whole different world. However, it is amazing at what CrossFit has done for my strength and endurance.

By living in Florida, it is very difficult to train for the trail run, so I had to modify a few things in my training to prepare myself for that treacherous 5K. I have no love for running, but as they say we must address our weaknesses.

I am looking forward to meeting so many of the incredible athletes, that CrossFit has produced. I am going in with the mindset of winning and if I don't...........I will not go down without a fight!!!!

Athlete Profile: Matt Murski


View image

Matt Murski Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210lbs
Age: 28

Fran 2.09
Helen 6:52
Diane: 1:38
Grace 1:48

Mile Run: 5:00
200m: 22.8 sec
400m: 49 sec
Clean: 345lbs
DeadLift: 535lbs
Bench Press: 405lbs

I grew up playing sports of all kinds. In High School I played football (RB and LB) and ran track (200m, 400m, Heptathlons, and all relays), and I went to Texas A&M to play Football as a Freshman in college. We won the Big 12 Champs that year, but got smoked in the Sugar Bowl by Ohio St. (it was a massacre). Then I decided college wasn't for right for me, and I took off for the Marines. Different kind of training there...Long range recon carrying heavy packs was the hardest thing I had experienced until CrossFit. After the service, I'm now back at school finishing my degree in Kinesiology Motor Behavior with 3 semesters left. Training and school, teaching the gospel of functional movement at high intensity to anyone who will listen. I have found the greatest opponent to compete against: TIME.

I like to periodize my training. In the winters, I tend to train more strength and Oly lifting. In the summers, more running and speed. These last few months, I've been gunning for the Games. It doesn't matter what anyone has done before, what their previous records are. What matters is what they bring to Aromas and how they do that day. I know I'm showing up to compete.

Athlete Profile: Jolie Gentry

View imageGamesJoliVarious_th.jpg

Jolie Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lb
Age: 30

2007 Games Results:
Hopper: 1st
Run: 2nd
Total: 2nd
Overall: 1st

Fran: 3:41
Diane: 8:49
Max weighted pullup: 91#
Max rep pullups: 40
Max dead: 260
Max press: 100
Max squat: 195

For Jolie's thoughts on the Games, see Jolie's Interview with Pat ...[wmv][mov]

Athlete Profile: James Fitzgerald ("OPT")

AthleteProfileOPT_th.jpgView image

OPT Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs
Age: 34
Owner: Optimum Performance Training

2007 Games Results
Hopper WOD: 2nd
Run: 2nd
Total: 11th
Overall: 1st

Fran: 2:17
Nancy: 10:37
Elizabeth: 5:14
Diane: 2:32
Helen: 6:59
Murph - 31:50 w/20 lb pack
Heavy Cindy - 24 rds w/ 20 lb pack
Linda - 13:01
Angie - 9:54
Cindy: 32 rds
Mary: 20 1/3 rds
Tabata something else: 551
FGB: 397
Deadlift: 459
Back Squat: 359
Max Chin Ups: 51
Clean: 245lbs
Snatch: 185lbs
Clean and jerk: 229lbs
5K Run: 18:15
500m row: 1:28

James's thoughts on the Games

Seeing it's only the 2nd time the games have gone off, my experience in approaching the games this year and for the future will be, "If it's not broke, why fix it"?

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Athlete Profile: Maggie Dabe-Colby

View image

Maggie Dabe-Colby Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118 pounds
Age: 33
Home Gym: Crossfit Fairfax
Profession: Firefighter

Fran: 4:03
Helen: 8:36
Linda: 30:03

FGB: 355
Deadlift: 280 pounds
Squat: 200 pounds
Press: 87.5 pounds

Max pull ups: 42 (single set)
Chinup: BW+45 pounds
500m row: 1.54

My thoughts:
These are going to be my first Crossfit Games, and I have to admit that I'm a little bit anxious.

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Athlete Profile: Jodi Bainbridge


View image

Jodi Bainbridge Profile ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 pounds
Age: 29
Home Gym: CrossFit Fredericton

Fran: 6:19
Elizabeth: 8:55
Linda: 40:29
30 muscleups: 7:27
Deadlift: 290 pounds
Squat: 180 pounds
Press: 85 pounds
Chinup: BW+55 pounds
500m row: 1.52.2

Jodi's thoughts on the Games:
The number of strong and powerful women attending the games this year is so impressive. I can't wait to meet them all even though they scare me a little. Okay, I'll admit it, they scare me A LOT! It's going to be a great competition and I know more than anything it's going to be a lot of fun!

I'm Zoning on 11 blocks with 2-3x fat and feel awesome. Except when I piggie eat an entire brownie waffle bowl from Dairy Queen!

I'm excited, I'm nervous...I have no idea what to expect! I'll just keep following the WODs and hope that prepares me for whatever challenge is thrown our way. I've got my lucky socks packed and ready to go!!

Athlete Profile: Mike Giardina


View image

Mike G Interview ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 27

Fran: 2:27
Elizabeth: 6:56
Helen: 7:31

Deadlift: 397lbs
Squat: 370lbs
Press: 203lbs
OH Squat: 255lbs
500m row
: 1:29

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Athlete Profile: John Welbourn


View image

Calvin Interviews Welbourn ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 310lbs
Age: 32
NFL Offensive Lineman (Right Guard, Free Agent)

Grace: 1:31
Bag o' Grace (135lb sandbag): 3:56
Isabelle: 2:40
Quarter Gone Bad: 109
FGB: 295
Linda: 27:18
Deadlift: 600lbs
Back Squat: 535lbs
Shoulder Press: 308lbs
500m row: 1:24

Welbourn Snatch Row WOD ...[wmv][mov]

Athlete Profile: Josh Everett


View image

Josh Everett Profile...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185lbs
Age: 33
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach University of California Riverside

2007 Games Results

Hopper WOD: 4th
Run: 10th
Total: 2nd
Overall: 3rd

Fran: 2:25
Snatch: 270lbs
Clean & Jerk: 346.5lbs
200m Sprint: 22.61s
Long Jump: 22'4"
110 High Hurdles: 14.48

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Athlete Profile: Gabe "Dutch" Lowy


View image

Dutch Lowy...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150lbs
Age: 26
Owner: CrossFit ATM

Fran: 2:30
Elizabeth: 6:38
Grace: 5:00
FGB: 452
Cindy: 34 rounds
Mary: 14 rounds
Helen: 9:02 (450m run)

Total: 875
Snatch: 182
Clean: 245
C&J: 235
500m row: 1:37 2000m row: 7:21

Dutch's thoughts on the Games

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Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid.


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Check out this interview with John Welbourn and his girlfriend Stephanie Clark, at Day 1 of their certification (which, coincidentally, was their first day of anything to do with CrossFit)!

John Welbourn & Stephanie Clark ...[wmv][mov]

Athlete Profile: Chris "Speal" Spealler

AthleteProfileSpeal_th.jpgEnlarge image

Speal in Action ...[wmv][mov]

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135
Age: 29

2007 Games Results
Hopper WOD: 3rd
Run: 1st
Total: 22nd
Overall: 4th

Cindy: 24 1/2 rounds with 20lb. vest, 36 rounds as rx'd
Fran: 2:05
Linda: 18:39 as if I weighed 155lb (DL 225, Bench 155, Squat clean 115)

Max DL: 358
Max Squat: 314
Max Press: 149
Max pull-ups: 72

Chris's thoughts on the Games:

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Returning the Favor: Pat interviews Jolie


For this interview, the players change sides, and Pat Barber asks Jolie Gentry all about the games: her plans, her training, her job, her appreciation of the event scheduling...

Give this one a look to see who the reigning female champ is nervous about competing against, who in CrossFit she looks up to, and admire the greatest white rapper since Eminem.

Pat interviews Jolie ...[wmv][mov]

Jolie Interviews Pat Barber

Src=http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/GamesSiteWorkout2-th.jpg249x236 src=
View Image

For those of you who'd like more info and an inside scoop on the victor in the 20 May Main Site video, check this one out. Last year's female champ, Jolie Gentry, interviews Pat Barber, who had a fine showing in this WOD and aims to be a threat at this year's games.

Jolie Interviews Pat ...[wmv][mov]

Freddy Camacho & Mike Minium Games Discussion

Come on in and check out an interview between our intrepid man on the street, Freddy Camacho, and Mike Minium, principal of CrossFit Oakland, as they discuss the Games, potential firebreathers from CF Oakland, event preparation, and some other pretty intriguing content.

Freddy Camacho & Mike Minium Games Discussion ...[wmv][mov]

Interview with Nick Cruz, Fullerton, CA of CrossFitRoadWarriors.com

Games08CJmenSunday_th.jpgView image

From: CrossFit Discussion Board > CrossFit Forum > Competitions Update: CrossFit Games 2008 July 5-6

MP: What sort of strategy you are planning for this year (if you don't mind giving some skinny-I've read a few of your earlier posts on the games)?

NICK: Hmmm, strategy.. To be honest my strategy right now is to get to the point where I can do nearly all the CF WOD's with Rxd weight's (practically there!). Even if I take longer than anyone else, I want to be able to do the hopper WOD this year without scaling. Last year I had to scale the push jerk's down quite a bit, and my pullups sucked. In fact even with the scaling I was not able to complete the 5 rounds in the alotted time! As far as extra training goes, for me, since this is the Crossfit Games I want to see what doing Crossfit only does for me. I have been and will only be doing the CF WOD as training for the games. One thing that I will be doing differently, though, will be taping my hands this year for the pullups! My avatar was a common site amongst even the most hard core CF'ers. (side note: I still have the skin that ripped off my hand that day. Its pinned above my monitor as motivation!).

MP: Did you plan differently?
What extras have you done in addition to the WOD's?
How has recovery been? Nutrition? Any time off?

NICK: Nutrition wise I was Zoning back then and I am still Zoning this year, so that hasn't changed much. I do tend to be a little more liberal now with my eating though. As recently as this past November I had my weight down to 178 (on a 6-2 frame)!!! I felt that that was too light for my size and most of my progress seemed stagnant, especially with the weighted WOD's, so I started upping my block intake, upped my fat blocks and started drinking alot more whole milk. Im now back up to about 190ish and I'm hitting PR's more consistently, and I can handle most of the heavy WOD's. My times aren't impressive but I can at least make it through them without scaling the weight.

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Dave Castro, "Reading Between the Lines"

Games08JimiJerk_th.jpgView image

Once last year's CrossFit Games were over, at the beginning of July, CrossFit HQ guy Dave Castro got intrigued about the commonalities and differences in the experience, performance, and training of the competitors. So he did some digging and analysis to try to answer questions like "What does it take to compete with these three? What are some constants in their performances? And, are there certain benchmarks workouts and exercises that act as indicators (and predictors) of broad fitness and capacity across diverse domains?"

Read the Article in PDF

CrossFit Games 2008: Let the Countdown Begin!

View image

The Crossfit Games are coming. Some of the world's finest athletes are going to have the opportunity to compete side by side. No weakness will be left untested, and only the best all-round competitors will prevail. Come out for two fun-filled days at "the Woodstock of Fitness" - fun, competition, comraderie - all in the beautiful California outdoors.