What are the CrossFit Games?

“In implementation, this looks like sport. This is revolutionary. It's as distinctive of the program as are the movements and the charter of functionality and variance. Our workouts are competitive events.

The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our dominance of other athletes. This is a truth divined through competition, not debate.”

Greg Glassman, CrossFit Co-Founder & CEO
3, 2, 1 — GO!

The Games are over and the results are in!

The Top Female CrossFitter for 2008 is Caity Matter of Gahanna, OH, where she trains with Rogue Fitness. Tanya Wagner took second place and Gillian Mounsey took third.

The Top Male CrossFitter for 2008 is Jason Khalipa of CrossFit Unlimited in Milpitas, CA. Josh Everett came in second, with Jeremy Thiel in third.

The Affiliate Cup was won by the team from CrossFit Oakland.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the volunteers, spectators, and competitors for a great weekend!

Welbourn on the NFL

Games08PukieTheClown_th.jpgEnlarge image

Pukie the Clown stirring some up at the 2008 CrossFit Games.

Here, in a CrossFit Movie Outtake, John Welbourn talks about his experiences in the NFL, and how they relate to CrossFit, including what is was like to play in the hottest game in NFL history.

Video 2min 15sec ... [wmv] [mov]


is there a projected release date for the movie?

By dan on October 3, 2008 6:00 AM

Crossfit Redding is all about having a good time!

By Cubby on October 3, 2008 7:00 PM


Hello mate!

We are hoping to have a rough cut ready by the end of October. From that point we should be able to gage the release.

I hope.


By sevan on October 3, 2008 7:28 PM

cool, thanks

hopefully, i can get it in time for christmas!

By dan on October 4, 2008 1:28 PM

cool! thanks sevan

By dan on October 4, 2008 1:30 PM

Hey Dan,

To hold you over until the movie comes out, I can let you borrow my life size body pillow shaped like John Welbourn.

if you want ?


By sevan on October 5, 2008 10:33 PM


Does the pillow come with sunglasses?

You ever get that press to handstand? I remember you workin' it at CrossFit Marin's gym cert.

By Dan - CrossFit Sonoma County on October 6, 2008 11:40 AM

Hey Dan,

Still working on the press.

No sunglasses, but rather a box of handy wipes. :)

By sevan on October 6, 2008 4:18 PM

So if you have a life size body pillow of me does that mean i can get my Sevan sized action figure? I would like to be able to carry you around in my pocket. It would useful for making snide remarks when i am training.
Or do Dave and Andy have exclusive rights to Pocket Sevan?
Dutch came to hang out today...he has replaced you and he earned a "Go F*ck Yourself" shirt.

By Welbourn on October 6, 2008 9:12 PM

He replaced me?


I think CF Balboa can have more than one midget mascot.

please reconsider...

BTW - I am sure other affiliates would pick me up in a snap!

By sevan on October 7, 2008 12:47 AM

I agree there can be two "little people" per gym. Don't worry i have not given you up to free agency. i still hold your rights.
You gotta come down to earn your shirt.

By Welbourn on October 7, 2008 10:44 AM