What are the CrossFit Games?

“In implementation, this looks like sport. This is revolutionary. It's as distinctive of the program as are the movements and the charter of functionality and variance. Our workouts are competitive events.

The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our dominance of other athletes. This is a truth divined through competition, not debate.”

Greg Glassman, CrossFit Co-Founder & CEO
3, 2, 1 — GO!

The Games are over and the results are in!

The Top Female CrossFitter for 2008 is Caity Matter of Gahanna, OH, where she trains with Rogue Fitness. Tanya Wagner took second place and Gillian Mounsey took third.

The Top Male CrossFitter for 2008 is Jason Khalipa of CrossFit Unlimited in Milpitas, CA. Josh Everett came in second, with Jeremy Thiel in third.

The Affiliate Cup was won by the team from CrossFit Oakland.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the volunteers, spectators, and competitors for a great weekend!

Results after All 3 Saturday Rounds

Games08GillianPullups_th.jpgView image

You guys know what to do...check the PDFs for the standings after Saturday's three events.

Men's Results After 3 Rounds

Women's Results After 3 RoundsMenRd3.pdf


Spealer destroyed Saturday. Be interesting to see how it turns out on Sunday. There's also some 'new' faces up among the top, which is great to see!

By S.B. on July 5, 2008 9:30 PM

Wow this is awesome. Come on Human Anatomy, show the world what you can do!

By Adam/TempleOwl on July 5, 2008 9:30 PM

The entry on #165 needs to be fixed. Otherwise congrats to all and good luck tomorrow.

By Jerimiah on July 5, 2008 9:31 PM

looks like the woman's side could be a photo finish. Get out your cameras. Some sick times all around though. Well done competitors.

By brian t on July 5, 2008 9:38 PM

Amazing effort by all of the atheletes. I am amazed at the output of "Speal"! I can't wait to see the video. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!

By Ryan Scott on July 5, 2008 9:39 PM

Congrats to Front Range CF and all the athletes. Unbelievable times! Matt and Cherie Chan, awesome! Can't wait till tomorrow!

By Francey Pistono on July 5, 2008 9:50 PM

gotta give it up to Kallista Pappas - doing the DL & Thruster WODs as Rx'd?! The girl's 14 years old! Crazy...

The times are awe inspiring. Looking forward to a Murski comeback tomorrow.

By LF on July 5, 2008 9:52 PM

surely the ladies are getting a different weight?

By LF on July 5, 2008 9:55 PM

Keep that forward motion Hardcore Crew-way to go Bionic, Heinz and Queen!

By bo peep on July 5, 2008 10:02 PM

Joe, Ricky and Libby way to represent Omaha, the times are awesome. Can't wait to see the results tomorrow.

By Kahrs on July 5, 2008 10:05 PM

At first glance, it would appear that Speal has it locked up with a whole minute lead and a short final workout. However, his last posted Grace time was 8:14 back in August 2007. And his comment was "This is heavy :) Need some work". So there is enough time differential between him and the likes of Matt Murski's 1:48 Grace that some of the others may still have a decent chance. Should be fun to watch.

By MB on July 5, 2008 10:05 PM

Speal has a minute on the rest of the competition. Going to be tough to make that up. OPT and Everett are the only ones that can make that up.

My guess for results.

1. Speal
2. Everett
3. OPT

By MeC86 on July 5, 2008 10:05 PM

CF Omaha is really kicking butt! Joe, Ricky, Libby, Keep up all the good work and great times. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

By JimmyG on July 5, 2008 10:18 PM

Saturday looked like a great group of workouts to test the fitness of each competitor, but Sunday's is too short a workout. It's another sub-3:00 workout. How much change can there be?
The format was presented such that the focus of Saturday was to do everything you could to just make it to Sunday, but the focus was actually to win Saturday. That sucks. Crossfit is about capacity. Sunday's workout should have been a true test of Crossfit and its philosophies and methods. Rather it seems as a sham. 30 C&J....whatever.

Things might be changing, lost the feed for Sundays. Hopefully it's something long enough to separate individuals and shake up the rankings.

By Dlove on July 5, 2008 10:20 PM

I guess I'll be the first to say it, unless I'm missing someone else's posting. This Crossfit Games is just proving how much it has been formatted for the smaller athletes. I am no behemoth myself, but the pull-up restrictions are ridiculous and should have been posted months out if at all. I'm certain that the argument will be the deadlift portion of the competition nullified any benefit that might have been garnered by the pull-up fiasco, and maybe there is some merit to that. Maybe next year they should up the deads to 350+ or have 135 lb. Frans. Then I could see some balance seeping in.
I don't intend to take anything away from the top guys so please do not read and respond to this as an attack. I'm just hoping for a dialogue with some constructive criticism.

By ben on July 5, 2008 11:19 PM

Everyone is competing at a very high level this weekend and I think it's great for the sport.

Ricky Frausto is currently in second place and is representing his team, his coaching philosophy and his family very well.

You don't need the hype, it's all about effort. You're a true teacher of the sport and everyone believe's in you!


By CF Omaha - BGH on July 6, 2008 12:20 AM


I think you'll see the tables equalized with the 155# C&J. That's a huge load for a smaller athlete to get overhead repeatedly. I wouldn't be at all suprised if the standings got mixed up a bunch with Speal falling out of the top 3. Wish I was there to watch.

For those in the know,

Did this last workout come out of the hopper and could it just has easily been Filthy 50?

By PatrickH on July 6, 2008 4:36 AM

Kalista Pappas holding down 15th place is unbelievably impressive. She's 14!

By Olav on July 6, 2008 4:59 AM

I'm sick of the whiners with the new pullup standard. There's no reason to post it ahead of time. Training for CrossFit is to train for the unknown. Its to train to be able to excel at a wide range of activities. A 'new' activity (pull up to chest) was introduced. I really don't think that the top 20 standings would change if it was the normal pull up.

By S.B. on July 6, 2008 5:06 AM

Ricky, Joe, and Libby...We are so proud to have you represent Omaha. You guys are rocking it, and I wish I could be there to see it happen in person! Keep it up!

By alison on July 6, 2008 7:35 AM

One more event Gillian. This should be cake for you.

By Brett_nyc on July 6, 2008 8:06 AM

looks like all the hype for the 'featured' women was not justified..actions speak louder than words. We definitely need to have qualifiers next year. WAY too may DNF..way too many that dont deserve to be there. go Tanya..represent the East Coast WOMAN!
Im getting my ticket for next year

By sarah scholl on July 6, 2008 8:39 AM

Sarah, what are you talking about? Gillian is #1, Jolie is #3.

Maggie is #20, and Jodi Bainbridge is #28.


As for DNF it happens. I'm sure that since competitive slots sold out this year, that they are heavily considering a qualifier system. But they'll have to figure out how to make sure its fairly done. I also figure that next year they won't do scaling.

By S.B. on July 6, 2008 9:42 AM

Ricky, Joe, Libby - freaking awesome is all I can say!!!!!

By Reba on July 6, 2008 9:45 AM


How is this for a workout:
One MU followed by a CJ w/bodyweight for 50 reps for time?

By Jonathan Jensen on July 6, 2008 10:43 AM

You guys are awesome. Keep it going, we are cheering for you!! Hardcore Rocks!

By Diabla on July 6, 2008 12:18 PM